1 Price Sofa

1PRICESOFA.com is an idea committed to easy, smart, trendy and quality sofa solutions for all. What drew us towards this brand is its espousal to innovation and creativity, dedication to detail and promise to bring style and trends closer to its clients, with an unique pricing structure – all sofa-sets to be sold within 3 mega price buckets, making us a true differentiator. Xebec Communications was responsible for the entire brand concept, launch, marketing and communication mandates. We began by giving the brand a face and a personality, through the witty and wise fox “Foxy”, an youthful, edgy and strategic symbol to everything we promise and deliver. Considering the dynamic category we are in, with the future heading towards pure digital operations, we too felt that this brand has the potential to exist purely digitally, as its products had an inherent youthful vibe and connect. We encompassed the brand proposition around “Buy Wisely”, as it best described what we genuinely stood for and wanted to achieve. We lent quirky & edgy creative tones to all to our store internal branding, marketing collaterals and social media. Even our social media communication revolved around Foxy, our matchless products and the unique 1PRICESOFA.com experience. The campaign is in its nascent stage currently and we are geared to witness great learning, success and wisdom with this one-of-a-kind brand!