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The world of B2B Marketing is no different and follows similar methodologies as well as strategies for success. But a key factor draws the fine line between B2B and B2C marketing. In the case of B2B, the number of customers is normally smaller but has a higher buying value. B2B businesses typically sell through channel partners as opposed to selling directly to customers. But with the advent of the internet and the digital platform, all the traditional rules and tools of the game have become outdated. B2B clients are also selling directly to end consumers. This makes visibility an extremely crucial asset in the marketplace for B2B brands. But promoting B2B requires a niche approach that is fine-tuned to the client’s specific needs. The need of the hour calls for a hybrid marketing perspective combining the best of mainline as well as digital.

A carefully researched strategy needs to be formulated which highlights the benefits, the USP and the value proposition in a way that stands out amongst a sea of competitors. Going beyond orthodox marketing techniques, what is essentially required is the aspect of storytelling that is upfront, yet in an interesting and emotionally engaging way.

This is where Xebec, one of the top digital marketing companies, steps in to partner with you towards strategic growth. Crafting a bespoke B2B marketing campaign that is built on compelling storytelling, we stay with you through the entire marketing process, right from planning and development to the execution and deployment phase.

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Defining the target segments, Xebec addresses the needs of the consumers in a way that engages them and catches their imagination. As a core digital marketing services company, we ensure that different verticals which need to be targeted are holistically charted out to be incorporated as a part of the message. Once the communication strategy is in place with respect to each category, choosing the most impactful media mix becomes a deciding factor in the success of the campaign. Xebec, with years of expertise in media planning and buying, helps you enhance your visibility while reaching only select, prospective consumers that are looking for the solution your product offers. While reaching out to the target audience, the frequency with which to communicate and the right platforms to communicate on, make all the difference.

How much to allocate on the digital front? Which platforms to choose from? How to monitor and address the leads? The best digital marketing companies across the world have formulated several tried and tested approaches. We have distilled the best of practices to create not just a niche marketing solution, but a niche marketing tool designed to ease all your digital worries, including lead capturing and monitoring. Our lead monitoring tool, Embudo-Helm, has been developed in-house to offer customised functionality. As a leading digital marketing company, we specialise in addressing the leads through an email, SMS or WhatsApp, among others, effectively ensuring that your sales channel is automated and seamlessly adapted to your marketing process. Our expertise has enabled several B2B brands to enhance their reach, achieve their goals and get a distinct edge over the competitors. Get in touch with us to find out how your B2B brand can reach its full potential with hybrid marketing.

Services for B2B Marketing:

  • Branding
  • Brand and Product Campaigns
  • Digital marketing & lead generation
  • Marketing Collateral designs
  • Videos
  • Exhibition Design
  • Web Technology, CRM’s
  • Media Planning & buying