May 15, 2018

We have come a long way from 1992 figuratively and literally. Being in business for 26 years itself, especially in today’s VUCA world would elicit a pat on the back and we are going to give ourselves one for sure. Having said all this, turning 26 per se is no cause to celebrate. What needs to be pondered on are the following questions on this occasion.

1. Do we still have the passion to do great work?
2. Are we still contributing to clients’ businesses?
3. Are we humble enough to learn and turnaround situations?
4. Are we building great teams who will deliver?
5. Are we fearless in pushing our comfort zones?
6. Are we producing great work every day?
7. Are we exploring new things?
8. Are we pursuing edgy stuff?
9. Are we helping clients see possibilities?
10. Are we the best we can be?

If the answer is yes to all these questions, then we deserve to celebrate our 26 years and can greatly look forward to the next 24…

And the answer is YES. We are as passionate as what we were when we started and the passion has only grown as we understand the business so much better and our clients and the market place with different types of consumers and what makes them tick.

So, let’s toast to the future where we can continue doing great work, build super brands and contribute to our client’s business.

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