March 19, 2018

Xebec Communications is one of the top 10 advertising agencies in Pune, and we make sure to give you only the best online solutions using the modern technology. Here are the 8 types of online advertising we offer which can help your business get great success.

1. Display advertising This is a paid form of advertising where we use images and text. These ads are commonly placed on websites and blogs to redirect user’s attention to your company’s site. The most popular display ads are banners, landing pages and popups.

2. SEM & SEO Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization are used to increase the visibility of your product on the search engines. Our team is on their toes to make sure the tactics used such as linking, targeting keywords and meta descriptions are done thoroughly to give positive results.

3. Social Media These are of two types, organic and paid. The key to gain full advantage of organic advertising is good content. Being a creative ad agency, we make sure that from the copy to the design of the creatives, the execution is done with perfection to have an impactful footprint on the social media. Going for paid posts or sponsored stories is a popular way to reach more of the demographics.

4. Native Advertising Keeping a track of what a user searches and popping up with suggestions that the user might like is native advertising. These are the “other recommended readings” or “other people liked” type of ads at the end of blogs or FB posts.

5. Pay Per Click As the name suggests, this is one of the advertising agency services where advertisers only pays when a user clicks on their ads. Keeping in mind your reach and other aspects, we strategically do our advertising to get the most benefit out of this.

6. Remarketing Statistics show that only 2% of web traffic gets converted into customers in their first visit, that means 98% leave without converting. Using the cookie-based technology, these users are targeted once again by showing them subtle hints (ads) of your product reminding them about their previous interest.

7. Affiliate Marketing This is widely adopted with bloggers and others who have a good social footprint. In this type of advertising, the blogger or any such famous social personality promotes the company’s product and gets a commission for each sale.

8. Video Ads These types of ads are growing in popularity. With Youtube being one of the mega video platforms and this type of advertising clubbed with PPC, your company’s product can come in the eyesight of the customers.

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