July 26, 2018

The digital marketing industry is at its peak in this age of time. It’s with no surprise that the future is shining brightly for the digital marketing companies as well as the business it helps. Let us look at some of the factors that will steer the future of digital marketing.

1. Google’s AMP
– Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative will bring in a huge change in the ways digital marketing firm plan their SEO techniques. This project of Google aims to enhance website’s user-friendliness and improve the loading time of pages in mobile and hand-held devices. Thus, with the AMP program, the leading digital marketing agency in India and worldwide will have to put more efforts in boosting SEO campaigns for mobile devices.

2. LSI
– Changing the traditional ways of SEO, digital marketing agency may now turn towards LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords. Such keywords are not directly related to a brand’s product/services but rather are semantically linked to the searches. In this way, they can also get diverse traffic from various sources.

3. CRM
-With more software development and advancement in digital marketing technologies, businesses are now taking the help of CRM applications. This enables the digital marketing agencies to keep a track of their visitors at real-time and boost conversations by syncing their chat box with their social media account. This will help with customer retainment, interaction and engagement.

Above are just 3 of the factors that we may see a lot of top digital marketing companies adapt to increase their client’s influence over the highly competitive market. Since these technologies are easily accessible, to fully make it beneficial for your business you need an expert to handle the working of the digital media. We at Xebec, a digital media agency, know exactly how to use these tools to take your business to heights. So act smart and be in the game of digital marketing with the right choices.

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