August 25, 2018

The perfect way to attract more audience to your business website is by upping your game in the organic search results. To get the most optimality out of SEO, it is always best to pay attention to the local marketing trends such as micro-moments, AMP pages and voice search because it gets easier for your audience to find you.

First, let’s understand the importance of a website.

Imagine liking a product you saw while passing a particular store. Now you wish to know more about it. Where do you turn to? Google search engine of course!

Now let’s say you own a business which is into manufacturing kitchen appliances and a customer liked your Toaster. The customer goes to Google to find out more about your brand’s Toaster but instead, finds your competitors products and chooses that eventually. And right there, you’ve lost a potential customer!

Unless you’re into a niche area or sell a product only made by your company, gaining customers is a herculean task and you’ll be lacking way behind your competitors if your brand is not ranked in Google’s 1st page.

This is so because the authenticity of your brand is judged by where Google places you. And if you’re not even visible there, customers will just drift away from you! Once you’re set with your ideal website, this is where SEO tools step in. In this age of 2018, even having a website won’t suffice. You must be well equipped with armour of SEO to back up your content and make it shine above all the rest.

Let’s look at what SEO trends you can use to back up your website.

1) Micro Moments
Mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our lives. What used to be our predictable, daily surfing online has now been replaced by various fragmented interactions that now occur instantaneously. There are thousands of these moments a day, for instance, checking the time, texting friends and so on.

But there are other moments too, such as the
– I want to know
– I want to go
– I want to do
-I want to buy
These moments really matter to every company looking to make its impressionable footprint on the internet. These moments are called “micro-moments”.

2) How does it benefit your website?
These moments create immense opportunities for brands to connect with buyers in those critical moments of need. You can influence the buying decision of your audience by proving the right information at the right time.

3) Voice search
It’s the thing of the past where you had to always type what you wanted to know. Nowadays almost half the mobile users regularly use the voice recognition on their phones to search on Google. This is voice search: a speech recognition technology that allows users to search by not typing but saying sentences aloud.

4) How to use it for your business’s advantage?
Using the data from various sources like Cortana, we know that a huge share of questions asked to voice assistants begin with “How” and “What”. Xebec, being one of the top digital marketing company, know what are the sort of questions to which your products is the answer to, and beginning with those words we invest in those queries. Making sure you get the best of the technology to gain a competitive edge. Another thing about voice searches to keep in mind is that voice searches tend to be more specific than typed keyword searches. Instead of searching simply for a recipe for pesto pasta, voice searches tend to want a recipe for pesto pasta cooked in a pot, as an example. We, at Xebec, offer quick, succinct answers to these questions that helps optimise your blog for these searches.

5) Mobile First Index
We’ve already established the fact that majority of searches come from mobile devices. Therefore, optimising mobile searches will help your business with SERP ranking and traffic.

That’s why, if you have both a mobile and desktop-friendly site and your mobile site has less content, your mobile site will be considered your primary site. This can help with a positive effect on both your customers and readers’ impression of your blog or your brand. Above are just 3 of the SEO tools to use to your benefit, whether you’re selling your product or simply displaying your thoughts on the web, your business blog is essential for reaching your customers and audience. Trust your blog to one of Pune best digital marketing companies, Xebec, where we provide you with the best of digital marketing services there is!

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