April 18, 2018

The biggest upside of being in a creative profession is the everyday creation which is possible. Every day is a new day filled with the possibility to create something new which was not in existence before. This creates a lot of inner satisfaction if you approach it the right way.

The objective should be always to see who we are creating for, and what is the goal of any piece of communication. How to do you want the viewer / reader/consumer to respond to your message?

The writer or creator is a consumer too in all walks of life.

What does the consumer what to see in her very busy schedule?
Do they want educative, entertaining or inspiring content? Do you think humour is the need of the day? I would say communication which will capture the imagination of the customer is perhaps the most effective in today’s highly distracting environment. Something with a wow in it…

We as brand partners and communication consultants need to educate more clients by giving them the context for wow.

When we create this kind of work there is meaning in what we do. It is soul satisfying work which keeps us motivated and inspired. It is up to us find inspiration and meaning in the work we do. Let’s do deep work vs what just comes instinctively. I am not at all denouncing instinct but some amount of second level thinking combined by instinct can go a long way in producing superlative work.

To find meaning in everyday work is really the key to getting to work every morning at Xebec.

Xebec is a new age ideas/branding and digital company.

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