SEO Services- Top 5 tips for improving Organic Traffic

August 13, 2022

SEO i.e., Search Engine Optimisation is not a one-time activity. It is a process that evolves over time. Search engine algorithms keep changing. Hence, you need to consistently optime your website. The key to successful SEO optimization is identifying your objectives and goals. Based on what business you are in, your objectives will change. For a retail store, your aim could be increasing store visits; for an eCommerce website, it might be sales; for a B2B company, it could be inquiries or people seeking information through pdf downloads; and for an educational institute, it could be students enquiring about admissions.

Based on your objectives, you need to optimize your website and use the appropriate strategy. If it's e-commerce, ‘Buy online is a top priority keyword or search term. Google also allows free listing under Google shopping through a Google merchant center. If you are a retail store, Google My Business should be your top priority. For B2B on-page optimization, Schema markups play a big role. So use different strategies based on the outcome expected. While you should follow all SEO best practices, some steps are more important than others.

Here are the top 5 tips for SEO:
1. Know your customer, their online behavior, and what they are seeking
2. Set up objectives based on what your business is and what the outcome expected out of SEO is
3. Identify the top 10 keywords critical to your business
4. Page Title, H1 Tags, and URL nomenclature are the key elements you need to concentrate on other than hygiene optimization techniques
5. GMB should be on your top priority list for SEO

You should also set up the right goals and track them. For example, for increased store visits, track the number of people asking for directions on the map through GMB, or keep a tab of how many people found your business through Google My Business. Often key metrics are missed during measurement, and you might think that your SEO practices are not working. Set up conversion tracking for e-commerce and lead form fills. Track other actions like pdf downloads, click on mail, click to call, etc. that are the event triggers on your website.

Remember SEO is not only for page rank. You need to get measurable results. You can easily get a higher page rank by using unique keywords. But ask yourself, are these keywords common search terms? Do customers run searches with those keywords or phrases? Always put yourself in the customers’ shoes and think about how you would search for a product or service.

Brand keywords are also very important. People don’t remember website URLs. They search for the brand name to reach the website. Ensure you rank on top for branch searches if you don’t want your competitor to steal your customer.

You need to identify the right agency for SEO Services. Remember one size does not fit all. So a regular templatized SEO will not yield the desired result for everyone.

Content plays a major role. Creating the right content and distributing it via blogs, articles, and PR submissions will help immensely.

When selecting an SEO company in Pune, check for the differentiated strategies they suggest for your business. Does the agency offer a cross-domain experience? SEO services are not a simple task but a key element for a successful digital ecosystem. Ensure you hire the right agency with the right experience to boost your organic traffic.

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