February 9, 2018

Today without the deep use of technology marketing would be a pretty incomplete exercise. Let’s look at 2 of the world’s largest online retailers. How do they incept an idea, target their customers and ensure there are repeat buyers? No guesses there. The use of data analytics and technology. By embracing what your customer does online and appealing to his or her buying behaviour, differentiates the market leader from the ‘also-rans/had been’.

Arguably the global gigantic brands can afford to have deep spends for technology. But, what about homegrown brands? What can they do? Do they need to do anything at all? The argument many a time is “we have a website”, “we are on social”, “Is that not enough?”. Pray, how would that be enough in today’s connected world? You need to be where your customer is, ideally solving some deep problems and making his life easier. Some good online businesses do exactly this.

This is where Xebec Embudo our Marketing technology platform comes into play. It helps you not only to identify your customer but to actually create his virtual persona so you can target him better before he considers the competition. I would go one step ahead and say why not help him discover your brand in delightful ways which will tickle his imagination and inspire him to consider your product or service.

After all, today whoever captures the customer’s imagination gets his business. But, you need to know when your customer buys, what he buys, what are the other things he would consider down the line. Not to mention how many times does he need to be reminded that you exist as a brand. Make technology your friend and embrace it today. Make it part of all marketing discussions. The brand which has made technology its friend wins the mindshare of the customer in 2018.

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