July 5, 2018

Rise of the social media is no joke. You may criticise that people are disconnecting with nature and are too engrossed on their phones. But the demand for mobile phones and social media does not look like it’ll diminish anytime sooner. You know what this means? That you need to follow your target audience to the depths of the network hub. Here are the top 5 trends in social media marketing you need to know to survive 2018.

1. Personalize your connection with customers using Chatbots
– 2018 will witness a significant change in the way businesses use Facebook Messenger. It’ll become a proactive marketing tool rather than just a responsive private messaging app. Chatbots provide you with an instant connection with the customer in a way which feels personal. Smart Replies, chatbots and embedded apps create boundless marketing opportunities on Facebook Messenger.

2. Keep your audience hooked with Ephemeral Content
– Ephemeral content only lasts for a short period of time before disappearing. This feature gained its popularity when Snapchat introduced it and then other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram followed in its footsteps. These short-lived contents are totally different from polished advertisements, which gives the customer a more novel feel towards your brand. This is a very effective way of creating excitement through behind the scenes content.

3. Increase interaction with Augmented Reality
– Let’s face it, the more intriguing your content is, the more people interact and the more popularity you gain. This is one of the latest features of technology and the social media marketing companies will be seen making the best use of it in the year 2018.

4. Increase your brand authenticity with Influencer Activities
– People trust and follow certain personalities on the web. It is to no surprise that people will want to imitate them or want to know their secret of gorgeous skin etc. For this, brands will shift their attention to such influencers. But be vary, the best tip is to take those influencers who cater to a niche market than those with wide followers.

5. Let the audience see your real brand through Live Videos
– Videos, particularly live videos will continue to rise in 2018. You can cover any activity your brand is doing and create a buzz in the audience’s head. In 2017, 90% of all the content shared by the users on social media was videos. The matter of concern is how to make your target watch your video. You will need a defined social media marketing strategy to make use of this Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps’ features to the fullest.

To conclude, there are many features and benefits of social media marketing that your business needs to gear up with. Technological advancement is not the only key, creating intriguing content is a must to make your brand stand out in this competitive environment. This is where social media marketing agency like Xebec step in to up your game and help you use the social media marketing tools efficiently.

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