October 19, 2020

It was March of 2019 when we started work on the Mirae Asset India social pages and handles. A relatively low-profile brand to begin with and an AUM of approximately Rs. 22,000 crore, Mirae Asset had 3000 followers on Facebook and 1100 followers on Twitter. Over the next 18 months, we worked with a mix of content, promotions, contests, and ideas to increase followers, likes and engagement on the page and handle.

New and different content pegs were created. Interesting and trending hashtags were coined specially for the brand. Webinars, chats, and interactions with Fund Managers were introduced as a prominent peg. A webinar during the launch of an NFO also saw a lot of engagement and increase in confidence in the brand.

Within one year we could grow the page from 3,000 to 50,000 followers. The next 50,000 followers came faster, i.e. within the next 6 months. Traction to the page had increased and picked up momentum. On 20th September 2020, their Facebook followers grew to 1,00,000. Growth on Twitter was relatively slower and the followers to the handle grew from 1100 to 11000, and all organically. Mainly through interaction, engagement, and content. Financial pages are followed more on Twitter by the serious investors, who are actually looking for guidance and tips on investments…

No wonder then, that the AUM crossed the 50,000 Cr mark in September 2020.

Though social media engagement and activities cannot be directly mapped to the increase of business, but the increased traction and engagement, higher brand awareness and trust through the social handles have surely contributed to this growth as well. A few properties we came up with are Financial Health Matters, Never Have I Ever, Tax Bachaya Kya and Add SIP to your Life.

LinkedIn was activated in April 2020 and the page has 1,880 organic followers already. We take ‘building brands’ seriously at Xebec and continue to help growth while not losing the essence of the target audience. Stay tuned for more Success Stories and get in touch with us to make your brand an even bigger success.

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