Campaign Management

Over the past two decades, marketing has undergone a transformation. Whereas earlier it was relatively easier to plan out marketing campaigns, the advent of Internet has forced marketers and agencies to train themselves to cope with Big Data and its consequences.

Obviously, the process of developing a digital marketing plan has also evolved. Producing a coherent plan now takes expertise and experience.

At Xebec Communications, we pride ourselves of being slightly ahead of the curve. We are skilled at researching and clearly articulating the aims and goals of our clients’ digital initiatives, and translating these into a coherent marketing plan.

This is how we typically go about it: We begin with an initial marketplace analysis for your product or service. Then we articulate a clear business objective for your digital marketing programme and prioritise objectives such as increasing brand awareness, sales, customer acquisition, and reducing cost per lead.

Next step is to deconstruct these business objectives down into digital goals. Once we are clear about them, we flesh out the entire digital marketing strategy and plan, comprising:

  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Defining objectives
  • Defining audience and value propositions
  • Channel strategy
  • Implementation
  • Measurement

Detailing makes or breaks a digital marketing campaign. The business plan has to be tailored exclusively to meet your business needs. A good plan will help you effectively and easily reach your target customers and result in the purchase of your products and services. It takes meticulous planning, extensive knowledge, and an accomplished team to create such a plan, and many agencies don't have such resources in house. At Xebec, we do.

Our digital campaign management services are based on our marketing analysis, and these service work perfectly together. We mine the extensive data with the help of your team to create the best strategy for your business. We are led by data: it reveals what your company must do to attract the consumers, how you can engage them and convert them into loyal customers, and thereby augment your sales. It also helps us in determining exactly what kind of ROI you can expect, and how soon you can achieve it.

Before choosing us as your digital partners, let us give you an overview of the fields we are adept at:

  • Keywords and content
  • Marketing strategy
  • emailing strategy
  • SEO and SEM maximisation
  • Paid media management
  • Social media strategy
  • Website creation
  • Product and service offers

We also have in-depth knowledge of cost per click, cost per impression, and cost per touch. All this knowledge has been gained through years of training and experience. A digital campaign is a continuous, dynamic process that grows and evolves with your business, and we are there from start to finish.

There are two distinct advantages that digital marketing offers you: economy and accountability. We will determine what services would best meet your needs, and we offer them as an affordable package. You are guaranteed quality service, because we bring to the table years of experience and years of research. For you, we will build a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that will help you take your business to new heights.

Our exhaustive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps escalate your ranking in the digital space. We will adjust your website content, increase the number of backlinks, choose the apt keyword density and modify the site architecture to bring you the desired results. Our PPC (Pay per Click) will facilitate higher visits on your website and can be customized according to your brand’s requirements. And our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) focuses sharply on paid traffic through advertising on search engines. We are one of India’s finest SEM agencies known for our expertise in paid advertising campaigns.

We are trusted by eminent national and international clients and because of our transparency and accountability. We not only execute your complete digital marketing campaign, we also continuously track progress, measure results and take corrective actions. We believe that our clients’ satisfaction and appreciation are our greatest rewards.