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Just imagine if marketing became like politics of today, as being played out in Maharashtra currently. You go to the supermarket to buy shampoo for dry hair. You have done your research. The brand you zeroed in is without ammonia and other chemicals, it is supposed to make your hair roots healthy and arrest hair […]

The new mantra in the digital age. We, as consumers are guzzling content like never before. Check for yourself how many hours you are on the mobile. Be it for entertainment, work-related information, referencing, chatting, business exchange or simply scrolling through your various feeds to amuse yourself post-work or I dare say during work as […]

If you read fiction when you were young, then the most powerful thing you developed was your imagination. If it was a fantasy you were reading, you had to imagine the situation, how the protagonist looked including the costume and the entire scenario. This was laying a very solid groundwork for what would come later […]

What is Brand Affinity

Recently somebody asked me a question on Quora as to how one can use Facebook reactions to create brand affinity. This got me thinking as I thought how easy it is today to get an instant response to your brand messages. The reaction is instantaneous so much so that in your private social accounts people get […]

With the proliferation of social media, only a person who has buried his head in the sand would not be aware of it and on it. Starting from the age of about 10 urban children are on a smartphone and some kind of social media platform. So, there is a big demographic, target group for […]

The perfect way to attract more audience to your business website is by upping your game in the organic search results. To get the most optimality out of SEO, it is always best to pay attention to the local marketing trends such as micro-moments, AMP pages and voice search because it gets easier for your […]