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With the proliferation of social media, only a person who has buried his head in the sand would not be aware of it and on it. Starting from the age of about 10 urban children are on a smartphone and some kind of social media platform. So, there is a big demographic, target group for […]

The perfect way to attract more audience to your business website is by upping your game in the organic search results. To get the most optimality out of SEO, it is always best to pay attention to the local marketing trends such as micro-moments, AMP pages and voice search because it gets easier for your […]

With the rise of the digital media, we have seen the emergence of many new ways to promote one’s brand. One such trend that you can add on to your strategy to help promote your brand is Influencer Marketing. This is a popular choice for all the brands and is very similar to having a […]

The digital marketing industry is at its peak in this age of time. It’s with no surprise that the future is shining brightly for the digital marketing companies as well as the business it helps. Let us look at some of the factors that will steer the future of digital marketing. Google’s AMP – Google’s […]

Rise of the social media is no joke. You may criticise that people are disconnecting with nature and are too engrossed on their phones. But the demand for mobile phones and social media does not look like it’ll diminish anytime sooner. You know what this means? That you need to follow your target audience to […]

A month ago, there was an article in a leading English daily that #luxury #brands have actually started selling their own counterfeits. As we all know this is the biggest bane for all luxury goods’ manufacturers, be it watches, handbags, footwear, or fashion apparel. Nowhere is it more apparent than the big LV #logo you […]