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Great artists need great discipline. MF Hussain needed discipline to paint more than 1000 canvases. Even if the oft mistaken impression is that creativity needs some kind of substance abuse, in reality, discipline is required to get things done. You don’t always need to be in a kind of an alternate reality to create. Also, […]

Xebec Communications is one of the top 10 advertising agencies in Pune, and we make sure to give you only the best online solutions using the modern technology. Here are the 8 types of online advertising we offer which can help your business get great success. 1. Display advertising This is a paid form of […]

Social media now is the hub where all your customers and prospects are. It is essential to have a strong bass in the online world because it is where your business gets recognition.There are ‘n’ number of benefits that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other such sites provide. And it can be a turning point in […]

Today without the deep use of technology marketing would be a pretty incomplete exercise. Let’s look at 2 of the world’s largest online retailers. How do they incept an idea, target their customers and ensure there are repeat buyers? No guesses there. The use of data analytics and technology. By embracing what your customer does […]

The traditional means of marketing has become redundant and digital marketing has undoubtedly pushed the standards of interacting with the target audience to the next level. While we all are familiar with the need to have an online presence, yet fully understanding, employing and optimizing the various facets of this technology is the key to […]

When you browse the web, your search engine ranks the websites and it is all due to SEO. Basically, Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your websites and to increase the organic traffic directed to your website. While this is no rocket science, you can gain huge benefits that could boost your business progress with […]