Content Creation and Distribution

We are not just consumers of material things anymore. Our gluttony has now extended to content - we like to read, watch and listen off our screens - laptops, tablets and most of all, our mobilephones.

In 2020, there will be around 40 trillion gigabytes of data (40 zettabytes). That's mind boggling. Of course, not all the data is relevant to everybody, not everyone consumes it avidly, but it just shows. And we have begun to store data as well - just see how the storage capacities of phones have gone up.

But in this sea of data, how do you create content that will stand out, engage your consumer and be relevant? It pays to remember that “Content is King but Engagement is Queen, and the Lady rules the house!” — Mari Smith.

And when it comes to content, the hyphenated word to recall is: high-quality.

With its three decades of experience in communication and media, Xebec knows how vital it is to produce high-quality content. It is crucial to share the insights, information and action points with your business customers.

Content marketing acts as an indirect yet effective marketing technique that is ideally suited to your businesses. Blogs, articles, graphics, case studies and particulars about the companyhelp to establish promising customer engagements with a brand or company. It also helps your rankings go up on popular search engines.

We at Xebec can help you devise a content marketing strategy which aligns both: your customer’s requirements and your marketing purpose. Creating authentic content and its analysis is an integral part of our content marketing plan for you. As one of the leading content development and content marketing agencies in India, we are continuously tweaking our offerings to stay ahead of the ever-evolving content situation. 

With so many digital avenues and websites available how do you skew your content to meet the needs of each? It is a complex issue, but here are the broad guidelines:

Twitter – the message has to be short, impactful, and has to create or follow a trend

Instagram – it has to be a short, pictorial ‘story’

Facebook — we think that short videos and real-life stories have the maximum cache

YouTube – what work best are entertainment and educational related clips

Depending on your brand needs, we tailor our offerings:

Blogs: We think of them as an educative tool. They help your customers know more about your company, and the recent developments in therein. Your blogs will also helpin publishing facts about the brand itselfand help shift perception of the brand.

Infographics: Used selectively, infographics can brilliantly combine informative content and graphic designing. To represent figures and statistics, they are a refined tool.

Videos: For demonstrating challenging concepts in a simple way, or to captivate the customers with animation or interviews, the power of videos is unmatched.

Social Media Creatives: What’s important in social media creatives is timing. Creating relevant timely posts and memes encourage the audience to participate and get themselves engaged.

Giving your customers appropriate information about your brand or company is the preliminary step towards converting them into leads. Surveys claim that nearly 60% of purchase decisions are made by a customer before she interacts with the buyer. Another reportindicates that by 2020, many of the enterprise-consumer relationships will be carried out without any human interaction. The challenge is to make your content relevant in such a scenario.

As one of the few fully integrated content marketing companies, we at Xebec make sure that our content strategy facilitates developing and distributing it to help you achieve your business goals. And then through strong SEO, higher rankings and online and offline relationship tools, maximise your engagement with new and loyal customers.

Regardless of whether yours is a large organisation or a startup, content marketing can be immensely useful to you. For a low budget, it can draw traffic, spreadawareness, connect with your customers, converts them into leads, increaseyour rankings on search engines and help establishyour brand as a leader in the digital space.