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When it comes to Digital Marketing, we think fully-integrated, end-to-end digital marketing solutions that add brand salience and returns - you will think of us. Yes, as a top at Xebec Communications, we are proud to have gained national repute for partnering both burgeoning and well-known brands on their digital journeys.

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Marketing Strategy

With digital technology taking over, the way brands engage with customers, generate leads and create conversions is evolving with each day. Which is why, a good digital-first marketing strategy backed by real-time data is imperative to win in the marketing battleground. At Xebec, we deliver this with aplomb. How do we do it? By developing a foundation built on strong brand pillars, then defining a brand voice that's unique and relatable and finally by communicating this with your customers in the most memorable way possible. Our 360-degree digital marketing services amplify our research and creativity to get results that drive your brand forward. Not just in terms of market position, but in terms of loyalists and milestones too.

Lead Generation

How do you prospect and generate leads that build and grow your business? At Xebec, we have the answers. By using the latest softwares available, we commit ourselves to end-to-end lead generation for the brands we manage. From optimum landing page strategies to state-of-the-art tracking data, we are the specialists in configuring and optimizing a successful lead generation strategy.

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Campaign Management

Yes, marketing has changed in leaps and bounds over the decades. With the Internet taking precedence over anything else, marketing strategies have metamorphosed into another species altogether. Today, marketers and agencies have to train themselves from the start to cope with Big Data and its consequences. It takes expertise and experience combined with technology know-how to develop a killer Digital Marketing Plan. At Xebec, we've been slightly ahead of the curve. We are now pros at researching and clearly articulating the goals of our clients into a coherent marketing plan.

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Digital Media Buying

Although digital advertising is the future that can empower brands across multiple channels, digital media buying for that purpose is a difficult animal to tame. Thanks to the sheer vastness of the country's restless young population and the fact they have numerous brands and companies to choose from. Not to mention, social media options too. Ergo, one has to media-buy with focus and skill. There is no disagreement about the fact that media planning and buying involves strategy, negotiation and the perfect placement of ads. The skilled media buyers at Xebec understand that profitable media buying combines both art and science. With the expanding array of mobile, desktop, tablets and other options, companies need an expert voice to help them navigate the often-bewildering media ‘cyberscape’. We are that voice and can help identify the specific media options that will most effectively target the demographic you are aiming to reach and make sure that your communication is keyed properly and submitted on time and in the appropriate format. Apart from managing all forms of media planning and buying, from start to finish, we also provide our clients with keen insights. And we ensure that your brand or service gets the best creative treatment as possible. We identify the right target audience, understand their tastes and preferences and accordingly design the campaign to suit your business objectives.

Content Creation and Distribution

“Content is King but Engagement is Queen, and the Lady rules the house!” — Mari Smith.

However, when it comes to content, the hyphenated word to recall is: high-quality.

With its three decades of experience in communication and media, Xebec knows how vital it is to produce high-quality content. Content marketing acts as an indirect yet effective marketing technique that is ideally suited to your businesses. Blogs, articles, graphics, case studies and particulars about the company help to establish promising customer engagements with a brand or company. It also helps your rankings go up on popular search engines.

We can help you devise a content marketing strategy which aligns both: your customer’s requirements and your marketing purpose. Creating authentic content and its analysis is an integral part of our content marketing plan for you. As a leading digital marketing company that specialises in content development and content marketing in India, we are continuously tweaking our offerings to stay ahead of the ever-evolving content situation.

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Digital Video

One of the areas Xebec truly excels in is video production. From scripting to uploading and monitoring, we do it all under one roof. Since video is one of the most effective ways to market your products or services (considering that an estimated 80% of online users watch online videos every week), utilizing video marketing to add ammunition to your digital marketing strategy is a sound strategy. After all, it makes your business more dynamic and provides high SEO value for your website. Having a video on your landing page can nearly double the conversion rates, and including video in an email increases the click-through rates dramatically.

Our in-house video capabilities allow us to create impactful communication for all types of digital marketing services. With a team that is equipped with extensive film and video expertise, you're assured of quality jobs with a quick turn-around time. So whether you want an ad banner, a brand film, a TVC or a demo reel - we're here for you.

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