Digital Media Buying

With the exponential growth of digital media, the role of a digital media agenciesworldwide has become more evolved and complex. India is witnessing a boom in mobile phone usage and social media presence, and has a knowledge-hungry, restless young population that is forever on the lookout for fresh content and new social media platforms.

However, its very vastness makes social media a difficult beast to understand and tame.And as brands and companies attempt to make their presence felt, the sheer number of options makes the task complicated. Although digital advertising is the future that can empower brands across multiple channels, digital media buying for that purpose has to be done with focus and skill.

To claim that media buying and planning has changed in the past twenty years is an understatement. It is worth remembering that just two decades ago, it consisted of print, radio, OOH and TV. Social media didn’t exist, and there was no digital marketing.

Cut to the present: there is no disagreement about the fact that media planning and buying involves strategy, negotiation and the perfect placement of ads. The skilled media buyers at Xebec understand profitable media buying combine both art and science.With the expanding array of mobile, desktop, tablets and other options, companies need an expert voice to help them navigate the often-bewildering media ‘cyberscape’. We are that voice

The team at Xebec can help identify the specific media options that will most effectively target the demographic you are aiming to reach and make sure that your communication is keyed properly and submitted on time and in the appropriate format.

We manage all forms of media planning and buying from start to finish. We also provide our clients with keen insights. And we ensure that your brand or service gets the best creative treatment as possible.We identify the right target audience, understand their tastes and preferences and accordingly design the campaign to suit your business objectives.

No media campaign can be successful without in-depth analysisof your marketing strategy. We use a blend of in-house tracking and external technology to analyse and add value to your brand.

While media buying has always been integrated across various channels, today the process is getting accelerated. Technology has intertwined social media, communications and branding such that media planning and buying must take all of them into consideration. It has also enabled targeted messaging to custom audiences at a deeper level than in the past.

Not every agency is skilled in performing effective media placements in both traditional and digital media. Thankfully, the media buying team at Xebec has around three decades of experience executing successful media buying strategy and placements.

All of our marketing services, including social media management and search engine marketing are handled in-house. Thus with Xebec, you engage the services of a firm that helps you with the complete solutions to digital media strategy, media planning and buying.

Media buying involves a mix of traditional and targeted media placement activities. The exact mix depends on your brand and more specifically, the spaces where you can connect with your target audiences. It also depends on the mutually agreed goals of your marketing campaign — whether generating awareness is to take precedence over sales of specific products, or vice versa.

SEO, or search engine optimization, helps you increase a website page’s position on the search engine result pages. Xebec helps you incorporate an SEO strategy into your media buying and planning activities that help your landing pages show up higher in search results.

Adding to the complexity of the situation is the fact that social media has grown beyond purely social activity. Impulsive yet savvy consumers are bypassing search to make purchasing decisions directly on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. The recent trends and compulsions of working from home, anxiety of stepping out into public domains, and the uncertain future are adding more dimensions to the already complex social media dynamic. However, with Xebec by your side, you can be confident of navigating the deep media vortexes successfully.