With the brand thought of ‘Good to eat, great to gift’ Brugge aims at claiming the niche section of chocolate gifting in India. The entire product range, packaging and internal branding of their upcoming store, focus on premium, contemporary and engaging communication which promotes having and sharing the experience of Belgian chocolates.

Brand Building for Brugge: we divided the products into two categories – contemporary and youthful one for consumption & premium packaging for gifting, while showcasing their novelty, chocolate bouquets as the most attractive offering, specially for weddings. In the upcoming store, we encapsulate everything that Brugge has to offer in different sections. The café area has musical and youthful theme with lyrics and catch phrases in communication, the main store promotes products for every mood and occasion while the basement area is focussed on the authentic chocolate experience – from its creation to luxury in bulk gifting (corporate & wedding)