Gaia Good Health

Gaia is a brand dedicated to holistic health through not just its natural-extract based products, but also promoting a healthy way of life. Hence the communication has always been based on products, activities and messaging that help the consumer ‘feel younger, live longer’ as the core brand thought.

The campaign with series of ads on ‘Energy Crisis’, ‘Hyper Inflation’ & ‘Climate Change’ was created on issues that challenge the world. The headline would mention a key problem where as the image will not be exactly linked with it and instead have a human figure depicting bad health. The idea was to generate curiosity over the apparent disconnect between the line and the image. On reading further, one finds out that it’s the ‘Energy crisis’, ‘hyper inflation’ and ‘climate change’ related to the human body / health which we were talking about.

In a nutshell the campaign was to draw your attention and concern over health issues in a dramatic way. Eg: you may not solve energy crisis of the world but you can recover from the same of your own body.