Ishanya Home Décor

Ishanya – India’s first & largest revolutionary concept mall for Home Interiors & Design, is an incredible fusion of design, art, fashion, food, leisure and business. The mall wanted to create a buzz and we, at Xebec, took a socially responsible approach instead of getting lost into the clutter of mundane communication concepts. The most relevant topic related to home was “Domestic Violence”.
Taking the thought of domestic violence forward, Xebec came up with an idea where shouting was translated into a fashion statement even when smallest hiccups arose. Taking situations such as a shoe-bite while wearing shoes, a small prick while getting the manicure or a little cut while getting the hairdo. These are the negligible situations of pain (rather painless) where it doesn’t call for a shout. Our idea was to bring shout into fashion even when such smallest things happened so that women made themselves heard during domestic violence.