Salon Apple

The art of taking a client to the next level

In marketing, branding, advertising we frequently hear the phrase ‘taking the client to the next level’. More often than not it is said in a kind of a casual way. Hiring a brand ambassador is many a time taking a client to the next level in common advertising agency parlance. Sure, at one level that is right but taking a client to the next level has many different layers.

One of the most exciting success stories we have had was with a salon client. It was called Apple Salon and I had never heard of it. Honestly. But herein was the challenge for any marketing company worth its salt. Can you take a relatively commoditized service and convert it into a brand?

How we transformed Apple Salon to Salon Apple is worth a book all by itself.




But first things first.

A brand audit…threw astonishing results.

The big upside was that it had very good customer service.
Downside…all collateral including brand design needed a complete overhaul. Another salon of a similar name was hogging into their client base.

Nuts and bolts of brand building…
We applied the Xebec X-files our brand building tool which involves seduction marketing, solution marketing & precision marketing to get the desired results.

As a hybrid marketing company, we had to think of the brand as well as performance i.e. visibility in the market place. Plus dovetail all branding and marketing campaigns around the business objectives. We at Xebec are very particular about creating business objectives if none exists as all marketing activity finally needs to be linked to business goals. We believe in working as partners with clients. This is where we add real value. Salon Apple from 4 outlets then, in a matter of 1.5 years is going strong at 36+ outlets and 100 is a couple of years away.

From Pune to Maharashtra and soon all over western India. This is what we call taking a client to the next level. A soul satisfying partnership. We love building brands. Period.
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