A personal note from our CEO & Founder.

30 years and counting......

Sometimes it feels like a lifetime. But most of the times when I reflect back I have a sense of wonder - Where have 3 decades gone? Was Xebec not a start up just yesterday? Much has changed in 3 decades. But the passion to do great work and provide creative solutions to a client's business challenge remain unabated.

30 is a good time to thank all our well wishers both visible and invisible, all the people who rolled out of the Xebec juggernaut doing so well all over the world, our current team, associates, media/ publishers both offline and online and of course our clients.

We lost one of our media stalwarts to Covid last year. That was a devastating blow and showed us life is simply too short and nothing is predictable. Those 2 years taught us to rethink every single idea of how to run a business. Honestly, I can say that we rebooted and started all over again.

Yes, I believe that we have to continuously grow and evolve and keep looking for new challenges and problems to solve. It is a new innings, new happenings. Every day is all about new learnings. Digging deep, thinking through and finding solutions for difficult problems. Clients and team members work with us for this - the satisfaction at the end of the day when we have delivered something beyond our own expectation is the reward in itself

On a very happy note I would also like to announce the launch of my new book 'Building brands is not rocket science' - it is part of the 'No Holy Cows in business' series which came out in 2014 and is translated into Marathi as well.

This is my little contribution to the field of advertising and marketing which has given me so much. A profession which has truly enriched me as a person and helped me to contribute to client's' businesses and to the Indian economy.

Cheers Xebecites - current, past and future. To all our clients who help us become better year on year. To associates and the media who work with us campaign after campaign.

Here's to every one of you who made Xebec stand tall.

Thank You!!

Kiran Bhat

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