Client wanted to create a unique engagement and increase footfalls for their dine-in restaurants in both Pune and Hyderabad. These had recently reopened after the lockdown, and the objective was to attract young food lovers on social media. The task was a challenging one considering that food lovers were still hesitant to dine out, and preferred to order in. So, while they promised the most authentic taste ever, would the brand be able to convince them that it was worth stepping out for a great dining experience?

Our Approach:

Xebec jumped into the challenge with alacrity. We decided to tie up with 50 of India's youngest and trendiest food bloggers for this task - 25 each in Pune and Hyderabad. We approached them one-on-one & clearly stated the requirements of the job on hand, the outlets that they would have to visit, the Reels they would make and its contents, the dishes they would taste and references for the same. The hashtag they had to use for this activity was fixed on #DineInAtHaldirams.

Haldirams case study
Haldirams case study 1
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