The idea was to enlighten and educate a community of over a million professionals across diverse business-to-business verticals, with unbiased news.

By serving the core target audience with quality stories, the platform sought to raise their content pegs to the next level, further giving their viewers a reason to actively follow them on social media channels.

However, with the proliferation of news outlets and content avenues, there was a growing risk of not being able to effectively reach and resonate with the intended audience.

The challenge was to maximise awareness and engagement of the platform and its accompanying social handles.

Would the brand be able to position itself as the one-stop-shop for everything Marketing Technology and Human Resource related?

Our Approach:

After understanding the business requirements, auditing all the existing communication, diving deep to understand the business, verticals and company culture, we recommended big rock content ideas that focused on

  • Promoting + amplifying the Thought Leader approach
  • Content series which emanated from content put out by the editors.
  • Polls
  • Text to Videos for long form content
  • Interesting trending content which linked to our own articles
Marketing is difficult, till it's done right
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