A Mutual Fund house mainly known in the B2B segment decides to expand their horizons to encompass B2C as well.

The brand was practically unknown in the consumer segment

Our Approach:

At Xebec, we started with research on Audience Behavior and gathering insights on Debt Funds. After a thorough study and SWOT analysis on the Funds, we created a plan to play on the grounds of human emotion and how well our end customer who is the upper middle and HNI relates to them.

The first solution we offered was to improve brand visibility. To do this, we started with using the brand’s name as a bridge to connect to the audience and their USP that held their three ideologies – CLEAR Mandate, CREDIBLE Investment Process and CONSISTENT Focus on Risk-Adjusted Returns.

We conceptualised and designed Airport Signage, NFOs, posts for social media, Web Banners, Display Ads, LinkedIn Campaigns and Newspaper Jackets.

Through our approach of both Digital and Print Media Branding, we achieved our desired results in less time than expected.

Image of Trust mutual funds result
Trust mutual funds post
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